Wednesday, March 1, 2017

We like to Move it! How about you?

Do you dream of having your own in home gym?
Well, who doesn't??? In the long run, it's less expensive
 than years of monthly fees, there's zero travel time, 
which, let's be honest, can often become a huge 
obstacle when the alarm clock sounds. Also, in 
your own home, you can work out at any time 
of the day or night, wear anything you're 
comfortable in, watch or listen to any device 
you want and not wear headphones! Not to 
mention, you won't be picking up any
 funky germs from someone you don't know
The equipment is alway available and waiting for
workout-partners-bikes.jpg you, not the other way round. 
Plus, you can outfit 
your in-home gym with the
 equipment you want to use.


Health and fitness have always been important in my life. 
Over the years I have stayed active and made changes to 
my workout plan as needed. Through the years I have 
belonged to local health clubs but I admit that my favorite 
place to work out is at home.  Can you tell?

Well if you're like me and would love to have
 the convenience, flexibility and cleanliness of
working out in your own home, have I got 
some great news for you!

Paul Brune

My longtime friend and a 
well-known Personal Trainer 
in the Barrington Community, 
Paul Brune, the owner of 
Functional Fitness has asked me to
 team up with him to design In-Home Gyms. 
 It makes perfect 
sense.  My expertise in creating pleasing aesthetic
 and Paul's experience and knowledge in fitness
 go hand 
and hand. Paul represents an equipment line called 
Precor Certified Pre-Owned fitness equipment which 
with FREE training to be sure you know how to 
achieve maximum 
results with your purchase.

Functional Fitness
Fitness Room

If you have a space that's under-utilized whether it's a 
guest room,
 basement or if you're planning an addition or building a
 new home, 
we're happy to offer a 1 Hour Free Consultation
Working out should
 be as fun as playing on a playground. 


Make it bold, make it exciting, make it light, bright and colorful! Who want's to work out between the laundry and
the hot water heater? Let us create an inspiring space that will 
motivate you daily to get into shape  and
                                                  ... Move It, Move It!
Celeste Jackson
Cultivating Individuality in Your Unique Home!

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