Friday, September 5, 2014

Windows That Wow!

Windows That WOW!

Decorative window treatments might seem like a frivolous expense these days but what you might not realize is that they offer so much more than mere beauty.  Some other benefits of decorative window treatments are energy efficiency, better acoustics, accentuating your home's architecture, as well as, pulling your room together.
Add Energy Efficiency to Your Windows!
Energy Efficient Windows Window treatments that can be opened and closed can insulate your home and help make it more energy efficient by keeping the heat from summer sun out and prevent the warm air from your furnace from cooling against cold winter windows. 
Improve Acoustics                   
Famiy Room With the increased popularity of tile and hardwood floors and high ceilings, sound is an ever present issue. Sound waves from stereos and in home theatre systems bounce off hard surfaces like a rubber ball. Adding soft fabric treatments will absorb some of the noise and echo. 
Picture This . . . Framing a Beautiful View
Dining Room
Just as the right frame will enhance a painting, so soft draperies will frame a beautiful view without blocking or deterring from it.
Cultivating Individuality in Your Unique Home!
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