Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adding Impact to Your Powder Room

The powder room is a great place to make an impact. It is usually the the smallest room in your home or apartment so that makes it cost effective to add the "WOW" factor without breaking the bank. Your guests will likely use this room at least once when entertaining so it's important to make them feel good and look good when they do. They only will spend a few minutes in this room so their first impression will be the one they leave with. Here are some ideas to add the glam to your powder room.
1) A beautiful mirror can add shape and style to any powder room. If you are still using the builders generic mirror recycle it and find one that excites you.
2) Lighting is extremely important! You want yourself and your guests to look and feel good so they continue to enjoy themselves. Flatter them with soft lighting. Sconces and chandeliers work well to add to the glamour. A dimmer switch is essential. Set the correct level before your guests arrive so when they flip on the switch the mood is achieved.
3) This is a great room to add visual interest to the walls with wall paper or a faux finish. Art should be well thought out and reflect the look you want to achieve. Upholstered panels are a great way to add more texture and dimension and add size to a beautiful picture without overwhelming the room.
4) If you still have the basic pedestal sink from the local big box store it's time to step it up. A vanity will not only add beauty and detail but it will fill out the room and add storage. Many vanities are now available with a marble or granite top and are sold at a great value.
5) Install a faucet with style and detail that reflects the room. Don't be too concerned about matching the finish to everything else in your home.
6) Flooring that is deeper in color will add more warmth. Stay away from stark white on the floor and walls. A small rug with pattern will add comfort and pattern to the floor.
7) Fresh flowers or a seasonal flowering plant will give life to the room.
8) A scented candle burning will add a pleasant fragrance and make your guests more comfortable.
9) Make sure you have a clean hand towel for your guests as well as decorative paper towels. This gives your guests the option and helps to prevent the spread of germs.
10) Have the amenities of a country club readily available for your guests. Mouthwash, paper cups, scented hand soap, hand lotion and other personal needs will put your powder room over the top and make every guest feel special.
"Whatever you do be sure that it is a reflection of what you love." Celeste Jackson
"Without emotion, there is no beauty." Diana Vreeland Editor of Harper's Bazaar 1938-1962 Editor of Vogue 1962-1971
Celeste Jackson

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dressing a Window Properly

Many times I have new clients who have shied away from decorative window treatments in the past because they were afraid of losing their beautiful view. That is why it is so important that when you are seeking an interior designer you need to be sure that they are well trained in designing window treatments. The shape and design of a treatment should always enhance the view as well as the architecture in the room. The materials should be carefully considered for the way they will drape and wear with constant sun exposure. Lining is also important to consider because it helps the way the draperies pleat and hold the shape and it can help reduce the amount of light that comes in the room. For that reason sometimes a blackout lining is best for a darker fabric to eliminate the light coming through so that the fabric color is not altered. Hardware and trim are the icing on the cake and will add the final details of a professionally designed window treatment.

If you have been avoiding dressing up your windows it's time to hire a professional to give the finishing touch of a well designed window treatment.

"Pay attention to every detail." Celeste Jackson

Celeste Jackson

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Give Your Fireplace A Facelift

After Before

You don't have to get the demolition crew out to give your fireplace an updated look. There are several options to transform the look of your fireplace without being drastic and costly. In most cases the brick can be covered with a solid surface like granite or marble. If you have a 2 story room the upper half can also be covered with drywall and a recessed area can be created for artwork or an architectural feature. Brick can also be covered with special stone products that look and feel like stone but are smooth on the back side. It is never a good idea to paint the brick. I have been called on after the fact when clients thought this was a good idea. It is never an improvement.

There are a variety of pre-made surrounds available that can be retrofitted to replace the old and outdated ones. Having the interior of the fireplace painted black will give it fresher look so it doesn't show charred spots. Be sure the paint is heat resistant. Glass doors can be replaced with a beautiful iron screen or one with more interest.

Accessories and lighting are also very important details in the face lift process. Installing electric sconces or spot lights can add detail and highlight artwork. Hang artwork that has the appropriate scale in relationship to the mantel so it doesn't overpower the focal point. Add accessories that work well together like greenery for softness and candlesticks for height. Since the fireplace is usually the main architectural focal point in a room be sure to be selective with your accessories. Don't just use something because you have it. This is an area worth investing a little time and money.

"Great design takes a stretch of the imagination." Celeste Jackson

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