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Preparing for the Feast

Preparing for the Feast
Giving Thanks
A Thanksgiving Table to Remember
There is so much thought and preparation that goes into the Thanksgiving celebration. Often the menu and guest list requires most of our time and attention leaving the setting of the table to the last minute. Today I have compiled for you some easy and inexpensive yet beautiful ideas to make your table live up to the feast you set upon it!


Centerpiece with Pumpkins & Gourds
Centerpiece with Pumpkins
A variety of mini pumpkins, gourds, fall fruits and vegetables colorfully mixed in a beautiful bowl create an eye catching cornucopia of vibrant fall colors. Fill in the gaps by tucking real or artificial fall leaves to really add some pop! 

For a more formal setting, use an arrangement of traditional fall flowers then strategically add a few mini pumpkins or gourds for that extra touch of fall.

Formal Centerpiece
Formal Centerpiece
By mixing in photographs, you can bring to mind those who can't join you or remember past Thanksgiving celebrations. Also remember that even on the sunniest of days, candles on your table will provide your guests  with feelings of warmth, intimacy and add a sense of occasion to your feast! 
Photo Centerpiece
Photo Centerpiece
Pear Placecard
While the place cards can be either handwritten or computer printed, you can add elegance or whimsy depending on how you choose to place the cards at each setting.

Some suggestions for a creative presentation are to pin the place cards to a gourd or piece of fruit, such as a pear or an apple, use a gold or silver paint pen to write each name on a silk fall leaf or if you have a crowded table, tie the card to the stem of a wine glass. Another idea which I have used is to place a pumpkin muffin wrapped in cellophane at each place and tie the place card with the same ribbon used to secure the cellophane. 
Leaf Placecard
Leaf Place Card


When all the family gathers around the table it is a joyous time filled with laughter and conversation but it also means we are required to sit elbow to elbow and it is hard to tell where one place setting ends and the other begins. Is this your glass or mine? To save space on the table and jazz it up a bit, place your flatware in a less conventional way like crossed on top of the plate or above the plate horizontally. 

Flatware Setting 
Crossed Flatware Setting

The Dove

This is a good fold for beginners. The end result will hold its shape more easily if you use a heavy cotton napkin.

The Dove 1

The Dove 2

The Dove 3
The Dove 4
The Dove 5
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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