Thursday, October 1, 2015

Making an Impact: From Conception to Completion

In the past, we've shared many a mantle and fireplace makeovers with you but nothing quite like this! Take a look at this fireplace facelift, then call us to find out what we can do for your fireplace . . . go ahead, we're up to the challenge!
Making an Impact: From Conception to Completion

The challenge for this fireplace to create a warm, updated and interesting focal point with impact yet in a way that would add warmth and make the room feel cozy.

   Initial Concept Drawing
A computer illustrated rendering is a great visual tool which aids in communicating design concepts to clients before any work begins.
Details and Revisions
   Architectural Working      Drawings
Architectural Drawing Revised

The detail molding of the mantel was repeated twice above to create a pleasing frame to compliment and highlight the client's favorite artwork and again at the ceiling for a crowning finish. At each level the pilasters add stature, depth and dimension.

Design is all about the details and the corbels and applique selected for this fireplace facade added the final and most convincing details of an old world antique. 

Now the Real Work Begins!
Prepping the brick
Positioning the top portion
The men began the installation by removing the old supports for the previous mantel. The facade was fabricated off sight then brought in section by section. As you can see, this is more than a two man job. My husband even got in on this project (that's Mike adding support with a very large piece of wood).

Securing it in place

 Getting closer . . . 
Waiting for the marble for the hearth and surround

Voila! C'est Tres Magnifique!
Warm, beautiful, elegant . . . WOW! It looks like it's always been there. Now take a closer peek . . .

Are you ready for winter?

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