Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vintage Treasures

This is the best time of the year to start shopping for great vintage furniture. With springtime comes spring cleaning and homes for sale so many people are looking to weed out their furniture and clear out their basements. If you are looking for something in particular find a local resale or antique shop and check it regularly. Many of them will put you on a list to call when they get something you might be interested in.

When you go through these shops at first glance it might not look very fact many of these shop owners are just not very good at displaying. You have to go in there like you do if you shop at Home Goods or TJ have to filter out the ugly stuff and find the gem. You usually have to walk through the shop at least twice before you start finding some great pieces. Often times the pieces will need some work but usually a good upholsterer can also reglue and restain pieces along with recovering. If you have any skills in painting you can reinvent a piece by sanding and painting a stained buffet or table.

Shopping for vintage furniture can be a fun and economical hobby but before you head out have an idea what you are looking for so you're not tempted to buy something that will end up in your garage or basement.

"Furniture takes on a new life when you give it a good home." Celeste Jackson

Cultivate Individuality,

Celeste Jackson