Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lighten Up!

With the approach of Labor Day, I'm reminded that though the days are still warm, summer is coming to an end. Soon, the days will be shorter and I'll be able to see my breath in the crisp fall air.

With this in mind, in this month's blog post I wanted to talk about the need for good lighting in our homes as well as thoughts and ideas on making the most of the lighting in your home.
I hope you are staying cool and enjoying every last bit of summer!
Lighten Up!
Because of human nature, we are inclined to take light for granted; particularly during the long days of summer. Light is all around us, shaping our lives and enabling us to see. 
When we learn of advancement in technology, it is frequently associated with computers or entertainment. Who hasn't heard of the iPhone or Blue-ray DVD's or the Apple watch? Remember when only the Jetsons could carry technology on their wrists? 

With advancements in lighting being made continually, why do so many homes still use lighting from 20, 30 or even 40 years ago? All too often poor lighting is addressed by using a higher watt bulb. While this solution may work for a small area such as a desk top, the solution for an entire room or home requires more thought and planning.

Light Bulb 

Every lighting plan begins with these questions: 

  • What type of space is being lit?  
  • How it is the light we use in a room being distributed? 
  • Will it be critical to how we feel in a space, how our eyes see the colors of our fabrics and furniture or how well we are able do the things we want to in a given space? 

Lighting needs also change with age and need to be updated accordingly. Today's lighting solutions go far beyond the incandescent vs. florescent light bulbs of the past. They require a careful assessment of the occupants' needs to identify the best quantity, placement and lighting source combination. Also, the selection of the correct light bulb with the correct light fixture can be very confusing since they are not as  interchangeable as they first appear and the results can be most unappealing. Complex lighting solutions are often best left to experts: a professional interior designer or a lighting specialist.

As we are better able to control light, we are also better able to control our environments by the way light is distributed through our homes and the feeling it creates. 
 Cultivating Individuality in Your Unique Home
Celeste Jackson