Sunday, March 1, 2015

From Flappers to Furniture, Fringe is in!

Recently I received a manufacturer's email announcing "Fringe is Back!" I love fringe and never really considered it gone. To me, fringe is the jewelry of drapery and adds attitude to upholstery. Take a look at some of these inspiring pics and you'll know right away what I'm talking about!
From Flappers to Furniture, Fringe is In!                   

For the same reasons the flappers of the "Roaring Twenties" loved fringe, and lots of it, on their dresses, designers love to add fringe to interiors. Let's face it, Fringe is Fun! Just like on the dress of a flapper, fringe follows form and accentuates lines and curves. Lovely to look at fringe catches the eye. Luxurious textures, toooo tempting, must touch!

Fringe reflects light, adds movement, texture and an unexpected twist to draperies or any piece of upholstery.
Today, fringe come in a huge assortment of  colors, textures, beads, metal, brushes and boullions.

If your style is traditional, substituting the skirt of a sofa with fringe can add a playful and unexpected touch of whimsy.

If your style is contemporary, fringe trim will bring movement to the lines and curves of everything from furniture to lighting. 

Fringes and trims add life and interest to toss pillow, table runners, afghans and bedding accelerating them from functional to fabulous.

And now they can go outside! These boldly colored creations take luxury to the outdoors. Give your patio a bit of bedazzle!

Jazz up your home, add sass to your sofa, shimmer to your drapes and adorn your home with the jewelry of trims!
Cultivate Individuality in your Unique Home!
Celeste Jackson