Tuesday, June 2, 2015

So What's So Great About Shutters?

On days when it's not raining and the summer sun beats in my windows, I am reminded again of just how much power and heat the sun has. Left unguarded, the sun will bleach the color from the fabrics on my window treatments and furniture and cause my air conditioning to run continuously. As you know, when I have a beautiful quality product which offers a great solution to a problem, I like to share it and I have something great in Norman Shutters. Please read on to find out more!

So What's So Great About Shutters?
window seat Louvered shutters are not a new concept in home decor. In fact, they are thought to have originated in ancient Greece where their primary function was to allow air ventilation while minimizing heat from the sun.  It is for this same reason we still use them today. The adjustable slats retain privacy yet allow light and air to continue to penetrate into the room. 
When fully opened, shutters create a spaciousness to the room and enhance its view of the out doors. Like rich furniture, they add warmth and beauty. Many people prefer wood shutters not only because they are easy to maintain, durable and hold up well when handled, but also they possess a  timeless beauty that will enhance any decor. Whether your home's style is very traditional, very contemporary or somewhere in between, Norman Shutters has a design to compliment your home's style.
Norman Shutters also makes equally beautiful quality blinds. Whatever your window treatment needs, they have a solution for you.
By  Geengyee Chong, Norman Shutters 

About Us
Backed by more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, plus a proud reputation for having superior customer service and industry-leading products, Norman Window Fashions is the total solution for window coverings. We offer a complete line-up of premium window coverings. Product offerings include the Norman shutter line, a collection of faux wood, basswood and eco-friendly Phoenix wood blinds, and honeycomb shades.

Norman Shutter - Sussex Sussex®
Born of the finest basswoods, crafted by hand and finished with a rich palette of paints and stains, Sussex® are truly fine furniture for your windows. The refined elegance of the Sussex® line is created by artisans who craft each custom shutter using mortise and tenon joinery, arguably the strongest joint in woodworking.
mortise and tenon joinery
mortise and tenon joinery
The assembled shutters then undergo a meticulous process that includes multiple hand sandings and application of coats of your ideal paint or stain. The result - an heirloom with a soft, lustrous surface more akin to silk than the rough-hewn shutters you see from other manufacturers.

Noman Shutters - Normandy Normandy®
Made from the wood of rapid-growth eco-friendly Paulownia trees, Normandy® not only adds a warm contemporary accent to your home d├ęcor, but also make your decorating decision much more rewarding. The distinctive wood grain enhances color, depth and character of your shutters through the inherent texture of the timber.
Norman Shutters - Woodlore Woodlore®

Woodlore® shutters are constructed with a solid medium density fiberboard (MDF) - real wood in an advanced state - for incredible density and strength. Woodlore® patented protective coating is extremely durable and robust, resistant to cracking or chipping over time. In addition, it meets the most stringent environmental standards and has been verified to be environmentally safe, releasing no volatile organic compounds into the air.

Designed to offer the highest performance at a great value, Woodlore provides an enduring, distinguishing accent to any window.
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