Friday, February 26, 2010

Does Your Master Bedroom Make You Feel Good?

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our home, yet it is often the last one to be decorated. While we spend many of our waking hours in the family room or kitchen we still spend the most time in the bedroom. This is the room to unwind, connect with our loved one and rejuvenate our spirit. If the room is filled with clutter, beat up mismatched furnishings and accessories it will definitely have a negative affect on the way we feel.

The bed should be accessible from both sides with a night stand on each side for good feng shui. Also, if possible avoid having the head of your bed up against a window, otherwise have a good heavy head board to prevent your energy from being drained.

The lighting should have multiple layers as well as dimmers to adjust the level of light for the right mood. Overhead lighting, floor lamps and table lamps should all be incorporated to provide these layers. Sconces are a beautiful way to accent a wall. Candles are great, but be sure they do not contain toxins that will pollute the air. Place candles on a stone or glass surface and be sure there is nothing flammable directly above them.

The windows should be dressed with shades or draperies that can block out all the light for the best night sleep. When you select shading systems be sure you ask whether they are room darkening or blackout. Room darkening shades still allow some light to filter in so if you are light sensitive it might not be enough. A bed crown can add drama and depth to the head of the bed. Just like a window there are many variations on how the head of the bed can be treated. This is best left to the professionals for a desired look.

The color in the master bedroom should be soft and serene. Neutral tones and cool tones work best to create an environment to unwind.

The accessories should be meaningful to you...such as a piece of art you selected when you were traveling. Anything that invokes good memories will bring positive energy into the room. Although family photo's are important to have in your home limit the photo's in your master bedroom to your significant other or someone that will comfort you. Avoid placing a mirror directly across from the bed, it is said in feng shui that this brings the energy of another person into the space.

Keep this room clutter free. Clutter traps the positive energy and prevents it from flowing. If you like to read in bed don't overwhelm yourself with a stack of books and magazines that will take you a year to read. Just have the books you are reading now or the ones you want to refer to on a regular basis.

"If you fall in love with something that's all that matters." Billy Baldwin, Interior Designer

Celeste Jackson

Monday, February 15, 2010

The TV Dilemma

Furniture placement in the family room can be challenging. The dilemma is the conflict between the television which is the main focus in most American family rooms and the fireplace which is the architectural focal point. The best scenario is when the television can be placed in a armoire or built-in cabinet to the left or right of the fireplace or an adjacent wall. In this situation furniture can be placed pleasingly to compliment the room and view both focal points in clear view.

Another challenge is windows and other openings that limit the placement of the television and cabinetry. In the last decade audio-visual specialists have come up with an innovative way to overcome this by placing the television over the fireplace. However, there are some downsides to this solution. The first one being that the television distracts from the fireplace, no matter how sleek and flat the TV is it is still a big black rectangle and not attractive to look at. Secondly, since the TV is placed higher than it would normally be it can strain the neck because now your head is elevated instead of being held straight.

In the room pictured we overcame those problems by placing the television behind a decorative canvas which rolls up into a headrail with a remote control. The TV appears in a beautiful picture frame. By placing 2 recliners on the far wall opposite the television we were also able to overcome the problem of a strained neck.

If you are in the beginning stages of building a home or an addition be sure to give some consideration to how your furniture can be placed before finalizing your plans. Hiring an interior designer to help you with this process will be money well spent.

"Interior design might not be rocket science but it still takes thought and consideration with a trained eye." Celeste Jackson

Celeste Jackson

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Streamline Your Kitchen

Whether you love to cook or not, updating your kitchen with a clean, sleek design can be a great way to achieve the "less cluttered" look. It doesn't have to be cold and sterile to achieve this. Warm wood tone cabinets, slate and glass mosaic back splash with rich dark granite worked well to give this kitchen an inviting look.
Of course lighting is also crucial! Stay away from the typical 2 x 4 fluorescent fixture that is standard in some new construction homes. Use warm incandescent halogen that will last longer than regular incandescent lamps. If you have 6" recessed openings change them to 4" for a sleeker look. LED under cabinet lighting is the newest and will last almost forever. Be sure to use dimmers on all your lighting so you can set the mood for a dinner party or have great task lighting for cooking.
Stainless appliances are still hot for achieving this look. This will help achieve the sleek look you are going for. Black would also be a good alternative. Select the appliance that is most important to you first and then build around it. It's not important to have them all from the same line. Most manufacturers finishes will work together.
Flooring is another place to warm it up with wood, cork or a natural stone. They all have there assets and shortcomings so be sure to weigh them out first.
"When a party starts in the kitchen and ends in the kitchen you know you have done well." Celeste Jackson
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