Friday, June 11, 2010

Working With An Interior Designer

Working with an Interior Designer need not be intimidating or costly. In fact, working with an Interior Designer is a great cost-effective way to transform your home into the living space you have always wanted. No project is too big or too small when it comes to building trust. That is, trust that you will obtain the end results you desire within a realistic budget for your needs.

If you have fears about working with an Interior Designer try a consultation first. Small changes may reveal big impacts in ambience or functionality. Here are some ideas:

Changing paint, lighting, or furniture layout can drastically transform a space.
Adding accessories or accent pieces, such as pillows, candles, mirrors, artwork, vases or floral arrangements also create impact.
Window treatments can drastically change a room as can decorative molding.
De-cluttering or organize.

If you are ready for something more try phasing projects or start one room at a time. An Interior Designer has the knowledge to efficiently handle small consultations, run large scale renovations or anything in between.

A good Interior Designer will help you discover or refine your particular tastes and lifestyle preferences. In addition, Interior Designers can save you from costly mistakes often made from inexperienced choices and selections. An Interior Designer can also save you time, point you in the direction of reputable contractors, manufacturers, and crafts people as well as furniture, accessories and materials from hardware to flooring not generally available to the public.

"Invest in your home by making it your own." Lisa Christians
Celeste Jackson