Wednesday, March 1, 2017

We like to Move it! How about you?

Do you dream of having your own in home gym?
Well, who doesn't??? In the long run, it's less expensive
 than years of monthly fees, there's zero travel time, 
which, let's be honest, can often become a huge 
obstacle when the alarm clock sounds. Also, in 
your own home, you can work out at any time 
of the day or night, wear anything you're 
comfortable in, watch or listen to any device 
you want and not wear headphones! Not to 
mention, you won't be picking up any
 funky germs from someone you don't know
The equipment is alway available and waiting for
workout-partners-bikes.jpg you, not the other way round. 
Plus, you can outfit 
your in-home gym with the
 equipment you want to use.


Health and fitness have always been important in my life. 
Over the years I have stayed active and made changes to 
my workout plan as needed. Through the years I have 
belonged to local health clubs but I admit that my favorite 
place to work out is at home.  Can you tell?

Well if you're like me and would love to have
 the convenience, flexibility and cleanliness of
working out in your own home, have I got 
some great news for you!

Paul Brune

My longtime friend and a 
well-known Personal Trainer 
in the Barrington Community, 
Paul Brune, the owner of 
Functional Fitness has asked me to
 team up with him to design In-Home Gyms. 
 It makes perfect 
sense.  My expertise in creating pleasing aesthetic
 and Paul's experience and knowledge in fitness
 go hand 
and hand. Paul represents an equipment line called 
Precor Certified Pre-Owned fitness equipment which 
with FREE training to be sure you know how to 
achieve maximum 
results with your purchase.

Functional Fitness
Fitness Room

If you have a space that's under-utilized whether it's a 
guest room,
 basement or if you're planning an addition or building a
 new home, 
we're happy to offer a 1 Hour Free Consultation
Working out should
 be as fun as playing on a playground. 


Make it bold, make it exciting, make it light, bright and colorful! Who want's to work out between the laundry and
the hot water heater? Let us create an inspiring space that will 
motivate you daily to get into shape  and
                                                  ... Move It, Move It!
Celeste Jackson
Cultivating Individuality in Your Unique Home!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

We're Ready for Anything! How about You???

After 20 years of designing homes, we would be hard pressed to think of anything we can't do, or haven't done already! Below are a few before and after examples of what we can do. Take a look . . .
Suburban kitchen goes from dark to


By removing soffits, updating appliances, 
improving lighting and lightening up the
 wall and cabinet colors, this kitchen
 appears bigger and brighter while the size
 remains the same.
After Kitchen

Spa luxury comes home to this 
master bath

Making the most of 
the vaulted ceiling,
 tall cabinets provide
 much needed 
storage while 
lighted glass, 
detailed crown 
moulding and 
sparkling chandelier make elegant 
statements. But, the crowning touch of
 pure luxury is the sink-up-to-your-neck 
soaking tub. 


Simple changes create a big splash!

Elegant wallpaper and window treatment 
add glamour and sophistication. Elongating
 mirrors and mounting the window treatment 
make this master bath appear larger all the 
while providing a fresh look to original bath, 
vanities, fixtures and sinks.

Ready for anything Sunroom!

To look at the after photo, you would never 
guess this tailored, sophisticated sunroom,
 located off the formal living room, doubles 
as a playroom for children. The soft cream 
wall color and clean lines of the 
furniture provide a multipurpose space for
all family members. Replacing tile with carpet 
makes it a warm and comfortable year round 
room and family friendly fabrics means 
worry free play. Whether it's play time, family
 time or cocktail hour, this room is ready for

Cultivating Individuality in Your Unique Home!
Celeste Jackson

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Something to Celebrate


"There are two ways of spreading light: 
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."


Something to Celebrate!


Celeste Jackson Interiors is celebrating
20 years in business and we're looking
forward to serving our customers for
many years to come!


Because of human nature, we are inclined
to take light for granted;
particularly during the long days of summer.
Light is all around us,
shaping our lives and enabling us to see. 
When we learn of advancement in technology,
it is frequently
associated with computers or entertainment.
Who hasn't
heard of the Apple watch? Remember
when only the Jetsons could carry technology
on their wrists? And yet here we are on the brink
of drones and self-driving
cars becoming the norm! 

With advancements in lighting being made
continually, why do so many homes still
use lighting from 20, 30 or even
40 years ago? All too often poor lighting
is addressed by using a higher watt bulb.
While this solution may work fora small
area such as a desk top, the solution for an entire
room or home requires more thought and planning.

Light Bulb
Every good lighting plan begins with these questions: 

  • What kinds of activity will this room be used for
  • and what light will be required for that activity?
  • How is the light we use in a room being distributed?
  • Will it be critical to how we feel in a space, how
  • our eyes see the colors of our fabrics and
  • furniture or how well we are able do the things
  • we want to in a given space? 
In new construction or remodel projects, it can be easier
to plan for lighting needs by reviewing the blue prints
to see how many overhead light fixtures have been
planned, how many outlets around the room for
lamps and possibly addressing the need for floor
outlets to bring light to the center of large room
where seating is in the center of the room. Kitchens
and bathrooms are critical spaces where you don't
want to be working in your own shadow because
there's overhead lighting only. Adding under-cabinet
lighting makes food prep easier and more enjoyable.
Having face height lighting in bathrooms provides
prettier results for make application and less blood
shed when shaving.

There are also a number of lighting improvements
that can be made without major remodeling. Sometimes
it's just understanding what the correct amount of
light should be. 
Lighting needs also change with age and need to be
updated accordingly. Today's lighting solutions go far
beyond the incandescent vs. florescent light bulbs
of the past. They require a careful assessment of the
occupants' needs to identify the best quantity,
placement and lighting source combination. Also,
the selection of the correct light bulb with the
correct light fixture can be very confusing since
they are not as  interchangeable as they first
appear and the results can be most unappealing.
Complex lighting solutions are often best left to
experts: a professional interior designer or a
lighting specialist.
As we are better able to control light, we are
also better able to control our environments
by the way light is distributed through our
homes and the feeling it creates. 

Cultivating Individuality in Your Unique Home
Celeste Jackson Interiors

Monday, December 12, 2016

Open Heart, Open Home

When we think of getting ready for Christmas, images come to mind of trimming the tree, hanging the lights, wrapping presents; but if you have out of town guests, i s your guest room ready for their arrival? 

Here are a few ideas to make your guests feel welcome and at home and you look like a superstar host!

                             Read on, you may be inspired . . .
Open Heart, Open Home

As I anticipate the holidays, I think of the friends and family who'll visit. While trimming my home with festive and cheerful seasonal decorations, I'm planning the delicious meals I'll serve to them.

Even though most of my loved ones are within commuting distance of my home, I'll often have overnight guests. Whether they've traveled from out of state or it's just too late to safely drive home, I want my guests to feel welcome and comfortable in my home as I'm sure you do as well. Here are some suggestions on making your home a 5 star retreat for your guests.

Creating a 5 Star Guest Room

If you want your overnight guests to feel welcome, the first step is to make them to feel that you're prepared for their visit. Whether large or small, a guest room in a soothing color palette that feels as luxurious as a 5 star hotel room yet as comfortable as being at home is a guest room that says "Welcome, we've been waiting for you".

All too often, "guest rooms" are a mere step above storage rooms; a hodge-podge of mismatched furniture from by gone eras. But a beautifully decorated room with pleasant amenities will give your guests a welcome they won't soon forget.

Fresh linens are just a start to having a room at the ready. Begin with a comfortable bed. Have you spent a night in your own guest room? Try it, it maybe quite enlightening. A comfortable mattress with a pretty bed or headboard is a great place to start.

Out with the old and in with newly purchased, high-thread count bedding and add extra pillows of differing firmness and thickness for back, side and stomach sleepers. Put extra blankets in the room because everyone has a different feel for what is  "warm and cozy". The same is true for warmer nights so, if possible, have a ceiling fan to cool the room for guests with high personal thermostats.

Nightstands provide guests with a place for eyeglasses, a glass of water or a place to set a book all without having to get out of bed. Have a bedside lamp for the same reason, to access light without having to get out of bed and stumble around in the dark.

Room darkening window treatments allow your guests to decide whether they want to be an early riser or sleep in.

Have strategically placed lighting. Having a lamp or light switch close to the door makes it easy for guests to find their way into an unfamiliar bedroom. A light within easy reach of the bed makes bedtime reading more enjoyable and safer for those middle of the night trips to the bathroom.

Clear the clutter. While beautiful d├ęcor is desirable, having a lot of knick knacks is not. In addition to scenic artwork, here are a few suggestions for things that serve a practical purpose while beautifying your guest room.

Have a decorative tray on a dresser or plate on a nightstand to provide your guests with a clear surface to empty pockets while protecting your furniture. Make sure there's easy access to outlets for recharging cell phones and other electronics.

Have a trash can, easy to read and set alarm clock and pretty dresser or full length mirrors. All of these can be decorative yet functional and very much appreciated by guests.

Have a chair or bench so guest will have a place to sit to put on shoes or set extra belongings.

Clear the closet, dresser drawers or have a luggage stand so your guests will have a place for their clothes.

If you have a private guest bathroom terrific. You're guests will appreciate the privacy but if they're sharing the hall bath, make sure they know clearly which towels are theirs. Consider adding over the door hooks for their bath robes and towels during their stay. The hooks aren't permanent so they can be removed until the next time they're needed.

Going The Extra Mile 

soap and shampoo
Once you have the foundational pieces in place, try adding some little niceties. Think of the things that most likely to be forgotten and have a little basket of items so guest won't feel like they're imposing on you.

Include Kleenex, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, nicely scented lotion, soap, shampoo and conditioner.

You can add a few extras like a travel sewing kit to repair a loose button or a mini first aid kit with pain reliever, band aids, Tums, etc.

BooksHave a diverse collection of reading materials, such as, mystery, fiction, biography and magazines. Having local guide books may give your guests some fun ideas on what to see and do.

If your guest are arriving late, having a basket of individually wrapped snacks, bottled water, soda or juice boxes in their room will give them the option of a late night snack without feeling like they're putting you out. Fruits such as bananas, clementines (a.k.a. "Cuties") and apples are an easy to eat healthy snacks which do not require refrigeration. 

cup of coffee 

A similarly fashioned breakfast version of this snack basket with a mix of granola bars, muffins, biscotti and fruit will relieve a little pressure on the host or hostess.  Set it out along side coffee cups and spoons and a pre-programed coffee maker. Add an assortment of sweeteners, a note that the creamer and orange juice are in the refrigerator and your earlier riser guests  will enjoy the freedom to get up and move about without feeling like they're disturbing the rest of the household.