Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Looking Up!

Looking Up!
What makes a room is the combination of both vertical and horizontal surfaces. And while the floor is covered with beautiful flooring, rugs and furniture and the walls are painted of wallpapered and a windows are adorned with rich draperies, all too often the ceiling is left unadorned and white.

Below are just a few creative ways to add color, interest and character to the largest surface in any room. Look here, then call Celeste Jackson Interiors. We'd love to get you LOOKING UP!

Framed with trim, adding a decorative painting to the ceiling creates an artistic focal point for your room and art for your ceiling. 
Something as simple as a contrasting color will add drama to heights, add grandeur to small spaces and highlight architectural features as it does with the cove ceiling in this foyer.
Upon entering the dining room, the custom designed faux iron piece above the dining table draws the eye up and makes a stunning statement.

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