Monday, February 1, 2016

Kitchen Design Lite

After Kitchen
"I have a kitchen . . . it came with the house" 
- unknown -

When I read the quote above on a gift shop tea towel, I laughed out loud. Whether you love to cook or not, the kitchen is still "the heart of the home" and therefore should be a cheerful, comfortable place where you and your family spend time together.  Below, I've shared some easy suggestions to make your kitchen a happy place.
Kitchen Design Lite

Remove Clutter - Lack of clutter brings a sense of serenity to every room. Keep only appliance which are used daily on the counters. All others, put away. 
Kitchens often double as home office or homework center and accumulate lots of papers. Contain papers by keeping them in one in box, file folder or basket. Free the frig by using a cork boards inside cupboard or pantry doors for notes and take out menus.

Color Your World - Kitchens take a beating and a fresh coat of paint to walls or cabinets is an easy remedy for a bright, clean look.

Lighten Up - Update the style of your kitchen with new light fixtures.  Changing out dated fixtures or adding light to existing fixtures will make day to day tasks easier and more enjoyable.

Window Dressings - Because kitchens can be so "functional", many people skip window treatments. But in a room without upholstered furniture, window treatments are doubly important. They add color to brighten, add privacy and light control, as well as, finish the look and style of the kitchen.

Feeling Ambitious - If you want to do a bit more than paint, replace your countertops. New counters can be installed over existing cabinets. It's a cost effective way to update your kitchen without a complete re-do. The same thing can be said about adding a new tile backsplash. It will add interest, texture and color!

Details, Details - Add strategically placed pops of color with a beautiful bowl for fruit, a favorite tea pot, a vase of flowers or art work. Don't forget to get new linens. Dish towels and cloths lose their luster after years of repeated washing and drying. Splurge! If it's been awhile, indulge yourself with some fresh linens.

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Celeste Jackson