Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Party

For years my husband and I talked about hosting a Halloween Party, however it just never seemed to happen. After a summer of highs and lows we decided to make it happen and glad we did. It was a night filled with childish fun from spooky decorations to an apple cider donut eating contest. If you have been waiting to host a halloween party I highly recommend you make it happen. Here are some tips to get started.

  1. Pick a theme to guide your guests on how to dress. Ours was a 1960-'70 TV Shows hence LaVerne, Shirley and Lenny and Gilligan, Ginger, Thurston and Lovey. 
  2. Pick a room to create a spooky atmosphere. We chose our living room and front entrance where our guests hung out and played with the Ouija board. We replaced all of our family photo's with creepy Victorian photo's we downloaded from Google Images. We covered furniture with white sheets, added cobwebs, spiders, mice, crows and skulls and bones and played a spooky CD on an old boombox tucked in the corner. 
  3. We made soft pretzels that looked like witches fingers, chocolate treats that looked like spiders and mummy face pizza's. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest.
  4. Plan games to add to the fun. We hung apple cider donuts from the porch ceiling with satin ribbon and wrapped them with saran until we were ready to have the contest. The first person to finish eating their donut without using their hands and without the donut falling... won. We also had a quiz based on '60's and '70s TV shows and of course we all voted for the best costume...... LaVerne & Shirley won. There were prizes from Trader Joe's for all the winners.... Pumkin Pancake Mix, Apple Cider and Taffy Apples.
  5. Start preparing and decorating the week before so you can enjoy the process and enjoy the day of the party in anticipation of your guests arrival. 
"This is one time that the uglier you decorate your room the better it looks." Celeste Jackson

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Celeste Jackson