Thursday, September 1, 2016

Windows That Wow!

Many clients put a great deal of thought in to the type of furniture they want, how they want their home to feel, personal style and color preference. But the potential of window treatments is often limited to the practical features of light control and privacy.  Window treatments are functional and do work to control the amount of light that comes into a room. They also provide privacy especially at night when light from inside makes everything and everyone clearly visible from the street. But decorative window treatments are as important to the finished look and feel of a room as any furniture, art or accessories.
 Dining Room Window Treatment

Dining rooms can provide a unique challenge because unlike a living room which has upholstered furniture, dining rooms are largely comprised of mostly wood furniture with little opportunity to add the color, pattern and softness fabrics add to a room. The upholstered seats of the dining chairs are small and hidden under the table. This makes dining room window treatments doubly important. To balance the large quantity of wood, to quiet acoustics and to add color and interest to the dining room above, Celeste Jackson Interiors designed a multi layered window treatment. The soft folds of fabric brake up the rectilinear lines of walls, table and china cabinet. Combining fabrics adds visual interests, pattern and color completing the room and giving it a distinct style.
Living Room Window Treatment
Custom window treatments turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary room because they're tailor made for you to fit your windows perfectly. With access to thousands of fabrics, Celeste Jackson Interiors, Ltd. selects fabrics that are the perfect style and color match to the room they're in. We know which fabrics are best suited to the style; how a fabric will hang, fold and pleat. 

trimsJust like choosing the right jewelry to compliment a favorite outfit, embellishments will enhance a window treatment. Adding just the right amount of tassels, beading or trim will give you the kind of window treatments that "WOW" a room.

Large Scale Faux Iron InstallationWindow treatments can also change the appearance of the window. They can add height and width to add grandeur to the room. In the room above, look how the window treatments elongate the windows and frame the fireplace changing the focal point from the fireplace alone in the center of the wall to widening  the focus to make the entire wall the focal point of the room. The curves of the cornices and the gentle lines of the drapery panels pulled back, soften the straight lines of the window panes and frames. The combination of complimentary fabrics add extra layers color and interest.
Powder Room Window Treatment

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