Friday, August 17, 2012

Creating Cozy Spaces

Every home should have at least one cozy space...a room that gives a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation. It should be a place you are drawn to when you want to curl up to a good book, watch a movie...even by yourself, take a nap, surf the net or listen to music. Whatever it is you like to do here a some tips on creating a place you can retreat from the everyday challenges.

  • Select furniture that suits your size and embraces you the second you sit down. It could be a chair and ottoman, settee, loveseat or daybed. Take the time to try pieces out as you would a mattress so you can distinguish what kind of cushion you like. Be sure to select tables within reach to set down a drink or snack. 
  • Lighting should be efficient enough to read a book but not bright. My preference is to mix floor lamps and table lamps that accommodate a 3-way bulb and general lighting and fixtures on a dimmer switch. This will create layers of light and will allow you to adjust the light as needed.
  • Windows should be well dressed with privacy treatments to control the natural light and maintain the feeling of coziness. Decorative treatments will help warm up the space literally and figuratively and will help absorb and buffer sound.
  • Use warm colors and textures to enhance the coziness.
  • Accessories will give the space the final touches to create a cozy space...a magazine holder, shelf for books, a beautiful piece of art, area rug....etc. Be sure to keep the space uncluttered so that it always draws you in when you need to unwind.
Now it's time to snuggle up and enjoy!

"Cozy spaces create a state of mind that allows you to feel safe from the everyday challenges of life."
 Celeste Jackson

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Celeste Jackson
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