Monday, June 6, 2016

Making a Great First Impression!

Curb appeal is a term often used by realtors when selling a home but in reality it applies to all homes. This term, curb appeal, simply describes how visually attractive a home is when viewed from the street. There are a number of details that contribute to creating great curb appeal. A well maintained home with attractive landscaping, containers of flowers on the porch and a pretty wreath on the door all add color and say "Welcome" but since it can be seen from a distance, it's your home's paint color that gets noticed first. Have you ever driven past a home and wondered if the color it was painted was truly the home owner's desired end result? Maybe they wanted a warm sunny yellow but got safety vest reflective yellow instead. Choosing paint colors can be challenging.  Trying to visualize a one inch square paint chip spread over the expanse of an entire house can make it seem virtually impossible. 

Celeste Jackson Interiors, Ltd. has a unique computer program to illustrate how the interiors of your home will look before any work begins; but did you also know, this same program can be applied to the outside of your home! Look below at what Celeste Jackson Interiors, Ltd. has done for others just like you, then, give us a call to see a fresh face on your home! 

Home Exterior - Before
Home Exterior - Computer Rendering
Home Exterior - After

Cultivating Individuality in Your Unique Home!
Celeste Jackson