Friday, April 1, 2016

From Traditional to Contemporary "Transitional" Bridges the Gap

Transitional - relating to or characteristic of a process or period of transition: "a transitional government was appointed"

Synonymschangeover · interim · changing · fluid

Just as spring is the seasonal transition from the chill of winter to the sizzle of summer, the transitional style of interior design is the perfect blending of the soft traditional lines with minimal adornment and a clean contemporary look. Below is a recently completed project by Celeste Jackson Interiors which exemplifies this poplar trend in home design.

Master Bedroom and Bath, 

The originally traditional style of this master bedroom and bath was derived from the shapes of the furniture, the fabric patterns and the window treatment design. 

The homeowner wanted to freshen and update the space yet keep much of the furniture she loved.

As with the bedroom, the master bath had a number of traditional elements. The challenge was to create a fresh new look without a complete renovation.

The combination of  new neutral colors, elegant fabrics for bedding and window treatments, fresh light fixtures and accessories create the "WOW" in this luxurious new space!

Master Bedroom and Bath, 

The combination of  new neutral colors, elegant fabrics on bedding and window treatments and shiny new light fixtures and accessories create the "WOW" in this luxurious new space!

Sheen and texture with a geometric accent pattern add a contemporary twist to the traditional bed and nightstands.

In the sitting area, by replacing the sofa, chair and large ottoman with a two chaise sectional and one smaller round ottoman all in one fabric creates a spacious, uncluttered feeling while providing the same amount of seating.

There are two great features of the master bath; the vaulted ceiling and the enticing soaking bathtub. Installing a glamorous chandelier draws the eye up and highlights the high ceiling. Longer mirrors installed behind the light fixtures above the sinks and mounting the stylish window treatment at the ceiling create a window and vanities proportionate to the scale of the bathtub.

Notice how the chandelier is simultaneously traditional and contemporary; the traditional shape and shades are matched with polished metal. The mirrors are framed with a stone tile to coordinate with and update the existing stone on the vanities, tub surround and floor. 

The transitional style is the most flexible and versatile design solution. It can be formal or casual, combine the old with the new and continue to transition as your own personal style and tastes change. 
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