Saturday, January 2, 2016

when polished to a mirrored finish. "  -  Tod Williams, Architect


Cultivating Individuality in Your Unique Home
Celeste Jackson

The new year is a great time to plan for your next home project. From refreshing a room to new construction, the better you plan at the onset, the smoother and less stressful your project will be. Here are a some things to consider before you get started.
Planning Ahead

Space - Have a clear idea of how you'd like your space to feel and function when complete. Ask yourself, who and how many will be using this space and for what purpose.

Budget - Start with a budget. Allow a little extra for hidden expenses which may present after your project is under way. This is especially true in older homes which may require updating or repairs.

Time and Timing - Important celebrations and life events are frequently the motivation for beginning new projects. The size and complexity of your project will determine how much time it will take to complete. Allowing ample time will make your project less stressful and make sure it's complete in plenty of time for your celebration. 

Plan your project around the seasons. A small project, such as refreshing a guest room, can begin and end anytime of the year. A large project where walls are opened or windows replaced as with room additions or kitchen remodels, are better worked on during milder months.

Furniture, window treatments and cabinets can take 8-12 weeks from order to arrival. Keep this in mind so these items will be here when your room is ready for them.

Consult a Professional - Celeste Jackson Interiors knows what it takes to complete projects. We know if your budget and time frame realistically match your plans for your space and can offer suggestions to help you avoid mistakes and successfully complete your project. 

For new construction, we recommend a preliminary furniture plan prior starting. You will see how furniture will be placed, how you'll move around it and if anything needs to be modified. It's easier and less costly to add electrical outlets, shorten or lengthen walls or reverse door swings on paper than once your project is in full swing. 

Small to large, we've done it.  So don't wait, call us today to get your project started.